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JET10 Virtual Relay

10 x Level 10 - 11 (Multi Stage Fitness Test)

Running 10 reps of the MSFT from Level 10 - 11 (2.2km worth of shuttles)

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We’ve entered Jon Egging Trust’s JET10 Virtual Relay to help raise £100k to support vulnerable young people to get back on track and realise their potential, at a time when they’ve never needed us more. 

For our challenge we are going to be running 10 x Level 10 - 11 on the MSFT. the MSFT is something personnel are required to do annually to show personal fitness levels.

Level 10 is a higher intensity than is expected to pass, being able to run the shuttles above the minimum requirement will pose a great challenge to most. 

Our challenge will be taken over 20 metre shuttles, running 220m each round and a total of 2.2km of hard shuttle running for each person. 
  • £50 could pay for one day session for one child on the three-year Blue Skies Programme.
  • £100 could fund one child through the 5 session Blue Skies Inspire package.
  • £250 could fund a one-off Inspirational Outreach session within a school.
  • £1500 could fund one child through the full three-year Blue Skies package.


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Nick Olliver
2 months ago
Well done to you all
Rob Stark
3 months ago
Good luck.
Mel Chapman
3 months ago
The very best of luck - enjoy the challenge !